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Corsair Void 7.1 plug/unplug causing crash


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I have further problems with my Corsair matérial.

I have K70 rapidfire + void 7.1 + m. 65 pro.

  • When i plug/unplug my corsair void if i'm playing to monster hunter it completely freeze and crash
  • Monster Hunter black screen and take 5 min to really start / it's instant when i unplug Corsair matérial
  • Time to time Discord seems not work anymore without real reason. I have to restart the headphone
  • Time to time icue do not respond, i don't know why but to resolve this bug i just have to unplug the keyboard and plug in back... (and the capslock LED remains stuck on ON before unplugging)


All is up to date as my computer drivers.


thanks for help


(sorry for my poor english)

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