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XMAS icue + wallpaper engine


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hey i would like to create me Christmas theme for the holidays...


i know how to set up my lights in cue...

but can anybody tell me if i could also change the pictures inside the icue wallpapers???


would like to have a Christmas tree with rgb lights lighting up...


any cool ideas for Christmas lighting is appriaciated...




update just did this here



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G:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\wallpaper_engine\projects\defaultprojects\corsair_collection\


Is where mine was saved, i toyed with it a bit, but I didnt get too far.




i replaced the corsair logo with a quick ps background and added transparent pixels but that doesn't help w/ cue lighting and i think alex k made some Christmasy color schemes or someone on the forums did in the past.


There's somewhat limited options on the wallpaper engine thing. I have never really made my own but it appears to be a very simple html with some javascript's in there which appear to handle the mouse position and other playback? I didnt really get into it as the js is minified which inherently obfuscates, but i bet you could adjust it to be even more thematic. If not, you could override the playback and take non exclusive control i bet.


it would be neat to have transparent lights on a tree or whatever that way the light can shine through. The other thing that would be cool is an animated tree that rotates in 3d (probably you can import 3d models as assets in wallpaper engine and go from there?).

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ok i looked at the folder u told me, i checked out the graphics and tried some simple stuff... its basically very easy... but the light effects in combination with icue is not on my leverl :D:D i made a short video .. it dont look so nice but i do understand how to create these kind of backgrounds... will make a few nice backgrounds on the weekend... any suggestions ???



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an option to turn the icue integration off would be nice also because i have mostly static xmas lights LOL i will make a video on the weekend...

also i will upload my xmas profile... it includes LL fans, strafe keyboard, dark core mouse , mm800 mousepad and void pro, and 10 strips (commander pro and node pro)


edit i noticed when icue is runnning before wallpaper engine is started its working fine... but when wallpaper engine is started before icue the integration dont work... this is good for me LOL

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there is a normal picture and a mask picture in a subfolder... the lightning only is visible on the mask for venegance effect! its diffrent on the brick wall...

u need to create a picture with transparent spots, and then these exact spots are used for the mask.


i was wondering why dont icue team add one more device for example called "SCREEN"

with the options

- to activate or deactivate wallpaper engine for eacht profile

- to set lighting mode for wallpaper for each profiel (because only rainbow is boring :D)

- and maybe activate ambilight (for node pro or commander pro)


this would also makes alot of sense if they would finaly come up with a ambilight solution for the commander pro and node pro (basically their led strips)...

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