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Commander Pro monitoring and control is broken!


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Recently installed a brand new Commander Pro to go with some LL fans and H100i GTX AIO cooler.


At first, I installed everything with the commander and AIO separately connected directly to the motherboard, just to ensure everything was working correctly, as it was. After shutting down the pc and moving the AIO usb header directly to the commander, I have lost all fan speed control and voltage monitoring.


Ideally, I don't want to have to plug the AIO into the mobo as it leaves my system with bad cable management, but there presumably a solution? All products are running the most up to date software available.

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Can you post a screen shot of your Commander Pro configuration screen? And I'm assuming that the fan speed control is for fans connected to the CoPro, correct?


Did you change power connectors for the CoPro at all?


Also, please fill out your system specs by clicking "Edit System Specs" above.

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I've managed to fix it now, but I encountered some weird bugs along the way.


I first moved the AIO usb header back to the mobo, with no change within iCUE.


Then I unplugged both the CoPro and AIO headers from the mobo but they strangely remained as available within iCUE.


I restarted the computer again in this configuration and iCUE had updated to show the correct configuration.


Then connected the AIO to the CoPro, and CoPro to mobo, and it is currently working.


All devices remained plugged in and on the same SATA connectors across all restarts.

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