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Settings won't seem to save to my H115i PRO


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I picked up an H115i PRO today and I can't seem to have the pump / RGB setting save to the device from either Link or iCUE.


I have to start Link or iCUE in order to have the RGB color and pump speed I like, and this is kind of annoying. My old H110i saved settings just fine. Am I missing something, or does the h115i PRO require Link or iCUE to be running?


Thanks in advance for any helpful responses. ::pirate::


Clarification: The settings seem to save until I actually shut down the computer. The settings will "stick" after I set them in Link and shut down the software. They will even stick if I restart the computer. They, however, will revert back to default, out-of-the-box settings if I completely power down the computer.

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If you go to cooler tab in iCUE, click the small mini SD icon 4th down from the top. It will give you a prompt for "save performance to the device". This will save your fan curves to the coolers firmware, provide you have them based on coolant temperature. This was automatic on your prior cooler with a different OEM. On this Asetek model, you must do it manually.


The lighting is more problematic. This is not an available option for internal devices likes coolers and RGB fans. It is supposedly being worked on, but not fast enough for most people and t his has been the number one complaint since day one. However, there is a partial workaround. Link will enable you to save lighting to fans and coolers. However, Link cannot do anything when iCUE is installed. It supersedes Links capabilities and Link only remains for a few legacy devices. Thus, you must first remove iCUE for this to work.


1) Go to your C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden folder)/Roaming/Corsair/iCUE and copy the Corsair/iCUE folders to the desktop or someplace safe. This is all your profiles, lighting, icons, software links, etc.


2) Uninstall iCUE. Reboot. Link is now in control.


3) Using Link, set the pump LED to the solid color you prefer and the you can do the fans too, although those won't stick. Same "save to device" from the drop down menu.


4) Reboot to make sure it works. Then reinstall iCUE. After install, don't launch. Go back to the App Data/Roaming folder and drop the Corsair/iCUE bundle back in place. Now launch. Everything is as it was.


Now, there are several caveats. Fan lighting will be rainbow no matter what when iCUE doesn't run. This is more annoying on some fans than others. The pump LED will only stay with your color on cold boot and until iCUE launches at the desktop. For whatever reason, restarts will still bring rainbows and the CorsairService seems to leave an imprint, overriding the hardware command. This is what has always annoyed me about this. It seems like it was by design or intentional. So all of that gets you a white color pump (or whatever) for the 20-30 seconds on cold boot. That's it. If you quit iCUE on the desktop, still rainbows. If this is a serious consideration, you can drop iCUE entirely and use Link. It will keep the colors without Link (basic patterns), but in Link you are limited to a single lighting effect with or without software.

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