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h150i pro


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Hi all i have a 8700k and right now im at stock


when running aida64 my max temp or hitting in the high 80tys to low 90tys on

performance mod


I reset the cooler a good 10 time and applied the thermal past a few different



i have the wire from the pump or block plugged in to the cpu fan header

and set the fan speed for the cpu fan to pwm full speed


tried the water pump header to did not help


the pump does not get hot at all but it not cooling right


there is no way my max temp should be hitting in the 90tys at stock


the motherboard is aROG MAXIMUS X HERO Z370


i'M GOING NUTS don't know what to try or do next


i contacted corsair but there not getting back to me


The cooler is like 2 months old what a was of $239

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