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Fans remain on after computer is turned off


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One day, I had a blue screen crash that listed the cause as INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR or something like that. From that point, I've had some odd behavior from my computer when I turn it off. Like unto the undead, the fans remain lit and gently turning, even when "shut down", as well as my Corsair LED Strips. Only by flipping the switch on the back of the computer can I make it stop. I also get a unlisted debug code on my motherboard, "05".


Originally it was worse. The lights on the fans would flash uncontrollably, and it was very irritating. I replaced the power supply, replaced the internal fan hub with a Commander Pro, and plugged and unplugged the Node Pros and Fan Controllers that were connected to the fans. Only when I took heed of the debug code on the motherboard ("04") did I receive enlightenment. Apparently that represents a "quick boot" state from Windows. I went into the settings and turned it off, and that fixed the weird flashes, but not the weird living undeath that has befallen the computer.


The lights being on is not actually a problem, but I'm concerned it may be a symptom of a deeper issue with the motherboard or the Corsair ecosystem. Googling debug code "05" has told me little, only that it's some sort of hanging state, "05 - KB init Initialized KBC". Most people with this issue have a computer that won't boot, which thankfully isn't my issue.


Anybody else have any thoughts?

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Well, the lights are on because the RGB Fan Hub and Commander Pro/Lighting Node Pro are still getting power. So ... the question is ... why?


On an ATX-based system, it's the motherboard that sends the power off (and power on) signal to the power supply. For whatever reason, your motherboard apparently isn't sending that signal. I can't tell you why that is, exactly ...

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