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iCUE and CUE bugs.


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latest version of iCUE fixed my adio crackling in minimized/inactive tabs in Chrome (caused by the latest version of CUE) but there are some issues with some games.

Dark Souls III for example refuses to launch with iCUE open in the background.


Theres a need for a fix here.


Older version messes with the audio drivers and the new one is buggy; macro keys not working and well, issues with some games like as i've said Dark Souls III just being stuck in a blackscreen at launch.

Took me a good hour to find the culprit.


This happened on 3 fresh Windows 10 Pro 64 bit installs with Nvidia drivers 399 and 416 (latest ones).


I remember making a post in the past about the interface being buggy and im grateful youve fixed that but now there are other issues.


Id appreciate a fix.

Thank you and have a nice day.


If there are more users with similar issues, maybe write them down in this thread in case it gets checked out by staff.


Edit/Update: turned out to be a bug with the keyboard. Im using a K55 and i had to reconnect it. Something got messed up. The input device probably wasnt selected probably. Anyhow, reconnecting my keyboard fixed it all. Pretty funny after i tried messing with things for over 7 hours lol

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