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Problem with macros


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Hello guys.


After this last version of iCUE my macro stopped to work. I have already erased them and set everything up again but they don't work anymore.


By activating the OSD notifications, I can see that iCUE is kind of knowing that I'm using a key to trigger my macros, but the events doesn't seems to be trowed to the system. Does not even matter if is a keyboard key event or a mouse click event, they don't work. I'll search for the installer of the previous version because this one has no resources working. The light effects of my mouse also has some bug after some time using my computer, they start to flicker like crazy, have to restart the iCUE to get it working fine again. The previous version introduced a bug that when I set a macro to my mouse DPI button or the side buttons, at some point of the day it start a bug that cause the original function of the button to be activate/triggered together with the macros events/functions, even if I mark and remove the mark on the option to keep the original key output. I have to restart the iCUE to get it working fine again, sometimes have to restart it more then one time to get it working.


But this last version instead of fixing this bug, only added a new one even worse, now I can't get my macros working at all. Seems to be a global app flaw because they don't work triggered by my mouse and by my keyboard.


Anyone know some workaround?


Edit: I want to add that I found the installer of the previous version and it is working fine, speaking about the macros functionality.


Thank you.

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