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Corsair ST100 Headset stand (EQ and other control response)


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I just got the ST100 for my HS60. As the store does not have the HSXX with no sound card, I picked the HS60 headset and just not install the USB sound card so I could plug it to the ST100.


All the lights are in their shine of glory - but I am having issues on the controls (surround, EQ, mic). The ST100 will not respond upon changing those settings on iCUE.


I did fix it by unplugging the USB connected on the ST100 (bottom) but after a reboot, the issue will re-appear and same work around will work.


I don't reboot my PC that much unless updates and new software/hardware install....though is anyone having this issue as well and what have you done to fix it?


All in all, ST100 works great with the HS60. Just get the HS50 instead to save a few bucks.



- ST100 won't respond to controls

- re-plug USB will fix

- issue will replicate after reboot

- re-plug USB will fix


Thank you and regards,



UPDATE: after a few more driver (other components) and windows updates that required reboots in between, the ST100 now works properly after a reboot.

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Hey gabby131, sorry for the late reply, glad that you were able to get the issue fixed. Sometimes, a reboot helps to clear thing up. In regards to the EQ, if you have issues down the line, we like to recommend a clean reinstall of iCUE if it arises, sometimes the audio drivers may have not installed properly.
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