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My PSU faulty?


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hi all,


After careful analysis I've concluded my PSU is not working properly


It started with my PC shutting OFF and being unable to restart

The mobo gets power, but there's no output to the monitor.


I've tried several Graphics cards, different memory and tried to boot a clean case (just mobo/cpu/mem + videocard) but nothing. Just the machine starting, and the graphics card fan running at full speed.


Also, when I shut the pc down with the on/off switch of my PSU I don't hear the *click* i usually get. After that, I can't start the pc anymore. ONly after I've removed the power cord, and hooked it back up, can I restart the pc


I've tried several connectors on the PSU as well as several cables.


Finally I've replaced the PSU with another one, and voila: system booting and running fine.


Your thoughts?

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I keep getting the same error when trying to register:



An error has occurred. Please contact customer service with the following error





I tried calling the support desk, which is quite expensive to do from the Netherlands, but was put on hold :(


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get registered?

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I'm not an expert, but i think this says it all :)


Yeah same here. I think I'm just looking for confirmation on what I've concluded :D:


so thanks for your response



002 means that there's an issue with your password. Please try a different one.


Thanks, that worked.


Your thoughts on the PSU issue?

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