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H150i PRO not detected (by anything)


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Hi All


Just updated the board and now nothing is detected from the cooling system. There is light on the block, but I can't tell if the pump is working or not, the fans are not. I'm using the original connectors that came with the system and it did work on the previous board(asus z97-c).


M Board:ROG Z390-F



Reinstall/try different versions of Link, iCUE, BIOS -> none can detect the cooler


Change SATA power to different plug-in and line. Swapped with hard drive.


Manually changed the driver and we went from not detected to:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

A USB port reset request failed.


Changed the USB slots on the motherboard


BIOS: no fast boot, XHCI hand-eff enabled, legacy USB support enabled



tested with external usb drive, no effect so it's not the usb cable.


But now I'm clueless how to continue, any help is appreciated.

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With the change of board, have you installed the latest drivers from your motherboard's website? Have you ran an "SFC /scannow" to make sure the OS looks good? I would first advise checking for the latest USB and chipset drivers for your board and making sure it's up-to-date.

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Also of note - I went from a Strix X470-F to a Crosshair VII Hero and had the same problem, couldn't control the lights on the pump and it wasn't detected by iCue. Make sure the USB header you're using on the board is a 2 port USB connector - on my Crosshair, one of the headers only supports one port due to it sharing the connector with the ROG extension header. I wound up putting in a NZXT internal hub.
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