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Need Help, Glaive mouse macro


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I have Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse. I installed iCue software to my pc.

I really need your helps about to set macro for fps games. I want to make in 10 seconds to click left mouse button 100 times. It needs to repeat. when I released my finger over my left click button it needs to stop. And I want to set my macro on left click button (m1 button) Is this possible? If its possible how can I set it? I tried every ways to set a smooth macro for my mouse however I didnt set my macro on left click button. I hope you can teach me how does it set a macro for a gaming mouse. I bought this mouse for this purpose and I cant use it because I dont know how should I do that.


I researched on internet and I couldnt find any video or text to set a macro on Corsair Glaive mouse.

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