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i am sure this is not the place to ask but i have a question on something in the iCue software. when creating a macro there is a "start settings" tab, of which has a sound option (which i understand and know how it works) and a lighting drop down which is what im asking my question of what is it? i click the drop down and it just says none, but i have lighting effects on the mouse and keyboard, and even tested saving lighting effects to the library of which none of that seemed to work. My goal is to set up a macro to where the key it is bound to (say G1, i have the K95 RGB) will change color on a toggle to indicate a continuous macro is on, like say a macro that just repeats the letter a over and over (my keyboard is green) so i would for example have it change to red but only on that one key while the "A" macro is running and when pressed again the macro will stop and it will go back to green. I have googled, scoured the forums, and the closest i get is a profile switch with 2 lighting set ups being exactly the same except the one key color difference (which i used before but the lighting drop down in the start settings got me curious and i cant find anything on the setting option). Again i apologize as im sure this isnt the place to ask but i didnt know where else go ask.


This is my first time ever posting in any forums so again im sorry if this isnt the right way/place, any response is appreciated.

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I love the software and the hardware, but to be honest it is not that easy to do in my opinion, but my method might be a stupid way to do it.


Make a lighting effect say a gradient, it needs to be something with a time delta as I understand it. If you are using gradient, make lighting time 99. Set start to on key pressed stop on key release and check play on pressed key?


Then make a macro action, set an action of input keys, key a


Advanced settings, action trigger while pressed action repeat, repeat constantly, delay, I made for testing constant 900 ms


start settings lighting and your newly made time delta - in same profile lighting name, in my case gradient 2.


Seems to work here?

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