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Trouble with making macro for k68

da real ryan

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yes there is a text option, it historically has not worked in multi line mode after a reboot. Not sure if that has been fixed, but here:




also depending on your use case you may want to add a delay as some applications do realtime stuff as text is entered like spell check and it could potentially cause a crash and the couple ms wont kill ya

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macros with single keystrokes are more reliable. which is a bummer, but you can just record a typed section and then just hit the enter key as you see fit and even leave it be after deleting all delays, or if it is relatively short you can add it all manually one keystroke at a time making sure they are key strokes not key press key releases. If you need more than that, I would highly highly recommend looking into autohotkey as it plays nice in the sand with icue.


AHK is simple as well it is like:

Send some text here
Send {Enter}
Send some other text

save it and run it and it and hit the bound key in this case A and you will get

"some text here

some other text"


There are loop parse methods and other ways to do long strings, but depending on your avenue, you might be better off using autotext or quickparts if you are in word or whatever.

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