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No RGB (6xML fans) after install iCue


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I recently built a new PC and decided to get a Commander Pro and 6x ML Pro RGB fans. When I first booted up the computer and prior to installation of the iCue software, all ML fans were lit up and doing the rainbow cycling.


After installation, when changing fan curves, the lights on the ML fans shut off. I went into the Lighting Setup after clicking on the Commander Pro I have (setup discussed below), and have Lighting Channel 1 as ML RGB Series Fans, 6 fans are connected. I change lighting profiles and lights on the ML fans remain off. I can control fan speed, just cannot get RGB lighting to come on.


Setup is this for fans:


Commander Pro:

- Fan slots 1-6 full with the 6x ML fans

-LED slot 1 filled-- linked to RGB Fan LED Controller

- RGB Fan LED controller slots 1-6 filled with 6x ML fans (RGB LED wires connected)


I'm running the newest version of iCue (software v. 3.9.93). Commander Pro is firmware v. 0.8.210.


I can post any screenshots as needed.

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I figured out my issue. SATA power cables were all good and connected. The issue was I put the RGB Controller cable into the "LED 2" slot rather than "LED 1" in my Commander Pro. Well its good to know that the Commander Pro is very picky about order!


very picky? lol.. nah.. you configured the wrong channel in lighting setup because you plugged the hub into the wrong port... the CoPro wasnt being picky,.. it was doing its job ;). had you have told iCUE you had your fans plugged into Channel 2 they would have worked lol ;) :) .. glad you are sorted buddy :). jobs a good un.

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