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Backlight the volume control


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I own 2 Corsiar K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. I love the keyboards, but one deficiency is in the volume controls. Specifically, the lack of a backlight for the volume roller and the behavior of the mute backlight.


1) The volume roller should be backlit. When I'm working in the dark, although I "know" where the volume roller is, it does take me a sec to find it because it's not backlit. This should have it's own RGB light, especially for a keyboard of this quality and price.


2) The volume button light is matched to the muting. If the volume is muted, the light is off. If the volume is not muted, the light is on. I often briefly mute the volume when someone walks into my office or I get a phone call. When I want the volume back up, I need to "find" the button (which is made harder due to issue #1...no light on the volume roller) as it's dark.

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