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Sync between Channels


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i didn´t found any solution for my "problem".

Perhaps s.o. have any solution for me, otherwise perhaps it would be great as future feature.


At channel 1 are connected LL140 - Fans and at channel 2 Led-Strips.

The LL-Fans runs with mode "Arc" (i hope i translate correct, i use icue in german) with casually, random colors.

As you know at this mode inner ring and outer ring runs with different colors with half diameter clockwise or oposite.


Now i want the the led-strips at channel 2 are be synchronised with one of this color. So best would be a selection button to choice synchronisation with outer ring or inner ring.


So as result the led-strips will "boost" this outer- or inner- ring color and inside the case have this background color.

I have test this effect with two fixed colors and look beautyfull (for me ;) ).

Of course would this very higher effect if the colors are change with the random colors.


Thanks forward for every help.

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