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1000D 200mm Fan Tray


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Hopefully a quick question:


The Obsidian 1000d 2x 180mm/200mm Fan Tray (link below)


I am getting thrown off by the "180mm" part. Anyone know/can confirm, that this fan tray will replace the front 8x120mm stock fan tray and will take x 200mm fans or is it 2x 180mm fans?


I have designed my custom loop as follows: 1x 420mm radiator in the top w/ 3x ML140 RGB Pros and 1x 280mm radiator in the rear w/ 2x ML140 RGB Pros. It is my intent to put 2x large fans in the front, bringing in lots of cool air for the radiator fans to push out the top/rear.


In short, I just want to confirm what I need to shop for: 180mm or 200mm fans (hopefully RGB).





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