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Daisy chain with the Lighting Node Pro?


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I have a commander pro + Lighting node pro that I want to connect through their respective RGB LED 3-pin ports (and not use a USB cable, which I can't find anymore)


in other words, I'm using a Male-To-Male 3-pin corsair RGB LED cable that you normally use to connect corsair RGB strips/RGB Fan controllers to be able connect the lighting node pro and commander pro


will this work?


here is an illustration https://imgur.com/a/iW3oJds


the PURPLE line/cable is what i mean

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its not immediately apparent to me how to plug it in properly since i dont have the cable yet, but i will just compare with another internal usb header i have already plugged in.


thanks for your help and answers!!!


edit: oh i remember now, its only "doubleheaded" for 2 usb ports. each one if 1 usb port.

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