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Dark Core SE Latest updates DPI after sleep


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Ever since I updated the firmware on my Dark Core SE to 3.19 a week or so ago the DPI goes back to its super slow speed like the computer just booted up after it goes to sleep and I wake it back up. I can go into the iCue software and change it from 3000 or 4000 dpi to 10,000 and it doesn't change. Its like its stuck on 800dpi or whatever it is before the software starts up at bootup.


Currently the only fix I found is to close and reopen iCUE. I guess it could be an iCUE issue and not firmware, either way its annoying when I play a game that uses a controller or step away from my PC for 15 minutes.


iCUE Version: 3.9.93

Dark Core SE Version: 3.19

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You may need to remake your profiles.


Think you were right... Well pointed me in the right direction. I noticed now there are 3 HW profiles listed so I think (have to confirm) it was defaulting to HW1 profile after it lost connection. So I deleted the Default one and made all the settings into HW1 profile.

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