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No 3 pin connections for pump tech cable


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It doesn't matter. The "3 pin" connector is really only 1 pin -- a speed sensor. On the Pro coolers the SATA connector provides the power. The motherboard lead does two things: 1) reports a pump speed to the BIOS/motherboard; 2) allows you to bypass or enable (depending on how you look at it) the CPU boot error protection on the motherboard. You must have something to on CPU fan to boot or you get a warning. While it seems like an annoyance with a water cooler, that feature will also alert you to a pump power failure on boot, one of the more likely moments for any electronic device.


The guide on the CPU fan header will force the connector into the proper 3 (1) pins. You can set CPU fan control to "disabled" or "full speed", depending on which interface you are using in the BIOS. Not strictly necessary on this model, but I still do it.

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