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Causing A Lot Of Wifi Interference


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Hey guys,


So i have the k63, and after a couple days of using it i seemed to start getting really bad wifi in my room on both my phone and my laptop.


Normally i get around 4.2MB/s (so like 32Mb/s), but all of sudden i was getting like 0.5MB/s, and eventually realised through trial and error that it was my k63 that was causing it (when i turned it off, it would go back up to 4.2MB/s


I've tried changing the channel my wifi uses, and that made a difference so i now get around 2.1MB/s, but using the K63 still completely halves the wifi speed in my room....


For some extra info: I use the K63 about a meter away from my laptop; and the reciever is plugged into a usb 3.0 hub thats about half a meter away from the keyboard, and about a meter and a half away from my laptop. The usb 3.0 hub also connects into my laptop via usb type c.


Surely this can't be normal?? is there anything that i can do to fix this? My router is all the way downstairs below my bedroom, so theres absolutely no way that i can run an ethernet cable from the router downstairs to my room

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1) Try using the kb over Bluetooth.


2) If the router supports 5GHz, use that.



1) That would work but I'd rather not use it over bluetooth because of the higher latency and i think you loose some functionality of iCUE(?).


2) Unfortunately my router only supports 2.4ghz, and itd be 50 quid to upgrade it to support 5ghz



Has anyone else had problems with this? I feel like I cant be the only one considering I dont have an unconventional set-up.


Additionally I know for a fact that one of my relatives has got me the Dark Core SE as a present for Christmas (I asked them to get it) so I can imagine that that will only make it worse again?

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If you save your settings to a hardware profile, they will still exist when using BlueTooth. IIRC Actions won't work, as it's software only. Also the latency on BlueTooth mode is 7.5 ms, which works just fine for gaming.



Whats IIRC? I might end up using bluetooth for the keyboard then and 2.4ghz for the mouse.


Will using Bluetooth rather than 2.4ghz drain the battery quicker?

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