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Latest iCUE update install error @59%


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Hi Team,


I am having an issue with my iCUE update and version 3.9.93.


This version forced an uninstall of working software, then when it tried to install the new version it freezes permanently at 59% when it attempts to "Install Drivers".


I have attempted to do a full clear install including registry clean of all corsair software/drivers. even physically removing the boxes our of my system and using a different USB header on my mobo.


But the software just refuses to install beyond 59%.


I have over $500 worth of LL 120/140 series fans now forced into rainbow mode because I can't control them anymore.


I have seen this error on on both your forums here and on Reddit


More users with the same error.




I'm out of ideas on how to fix this. :(: :(:

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