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Will I be ok to run 2xLL120's(push) and 2xML120's(pull) on a h100i Pro


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So I want to run 3 x LL120's on the front of my case for mad rgb (push) and then mount a h100i Pro and its 2 ML120's (pull) behind the top 2 ll's.

(e.g. *pull* <-- ml120 - Rad - ll120 <-- *push*)


I have heard that the rpm and CFM difference can hurt the lesser LL120's so I was planning on capping the ML120's top rpm to the same top rpm as the LL120s to lessen the difference and therefore hopefully get their CFM's very similar through the whole rpm curve.


Can anyone see any major problem with this?


And I only have a 8600k which I have overclocked to 5Ghz on a Noctua NH-U12S so even just the 2 ll120's will be better then that I imagine as i'm not going for any huge numbers.

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Sweet thanks I might do a bunch of testing with all 3 configs and post up the results when my new case arrives cause I couldn't find any numbers anywhere online


I think I also found an interesting mistake on the specs of the 570X case i am getting




If you look under the specs tab it says it supports 120mm; 240mm; 360mm rads

but then on the compatable rad list it has the H110 which is a 280mm rad?

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what's the relative rpm difference you have on them?


I try to keep the RPMs pretty close to each other, with the MLs (pull) just a hair faster at times. If something happens that the radiator gets abnormally warm (> ~38C), then the MLs will really crank up. But that's never happened.

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