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Toolbox will not recognize MP510?


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I just got an MP510 500gb from Amazon (free for review in the Vine program). I just installed the drive and Toolbox. I was able to install, partition (simple volume) and format. The drive does appear in the drive list, but when I highlight it, the button on the bottom of all the sections is black and I cannot activate firmware update or any of the other options. Latest version



Awaiting response before writing the Amazon review. Thanks.

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Hello Snatchface,


Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the late reply. We've all be very busy around the holiday season. We usually release an update to the toolbox for new drives and I don't see an update. I'll reach out and see if I can find any information.


What OS are you using?


Update: is not the latest. Please download the latest from the link below.



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Hey everyone, first post here in a while.


@Snatchface, totally agree there's a need for a new revision of the Toolbox - the current UI has a real 1990s vibe, and so out of keeping with the rest of Corsair's software. However, methinks you might have a separate problem there.


I set up a new MP510 last week, installed Toolbox at the time (so a day or so after you posted), and I can see it - and all the toolbox functions work with it - drive info, SMART status, firmware check and so-on. The only thing that doesn't actively work is overprovisioning, which the toolbox says isn't supported on this drive.


Ah - just checked, and the version of Toolbox I'm running is -so there is a slightly newer build out there in the wild. I think I got mine from the main Corsair download link - hope this helps. :)

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