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iCue not detecting K70 RGB Rapidfire after some time


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There's a bug I didn't have with software previous to iCue (doesn't remember the name) : my keyboard, K70 RGB Rapidfire, stops being detected after some time.


My computer is always on (no standby), when I go to sleep I lock it (WIN+L) then the day after when I unlock it, keyboard still works but doesn't appear in iCue, so profiles doesn't apply.


Restarting iCue doesn't seem to work.


Only thing I can do (except reboot obviously) is switching to bios 2 and get back to bios 1 (using the switch at the back of the keyboard). It take 5 or 10 seconds to be detected but finally it works.


I think I could unplug/replug usb but my computer is in a location that is difficult to access


Note : no problem with watercooling H80i V2, it never disappears from devices.

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