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Carbide Spec 06 RGB IO Power Switch Problem?


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Recently built a new rig with this case.


At first everything was fine. Now when I turn the power on at the wall socket the PC fires up and then shuts down by itself without having pressed the front panel IO.

Taking both side panels off and then replacing them seemed to work for a day.

Now the same thing happens then once it's shut down if I press the power switch really hard it boots up.

Also when I place USB stick in the front USB slot and pull it out the PC shuts down.

I think it's linked to this power button, there seems to be some sort of design flaw as I'm noticing a few threads similar to this.


Any help Corsair?

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Just an update, in case anyone is interested.


Got a response from support and they are sending me a new trim.

I'm assuming that's the front bezel?


Seems pretty decent if it is (or if it isn't, i'll need to work it out) that I don't need to totally RMA the whole case.

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just finished my build worth around 3000 NZD but this case front panel issue in which if i unplug any usb connected device then computer just shutdown automatically and especially that beautiful RGB Led in front only half is working. these two issue just ruin my whole day
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