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Upgrade Not Working


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The forum gives a number of links to upgrade LINK before installing iCEU.


None of them are working today. Something downloads but it doesn't complete.


Also the LINK software itself can't update - it's just saying "cannot update at this time" or similar.


I suppose that there is some migration of settings, which is why we have to upgrade first?


Incidentally there is a bug in iCEU. I tried it on another PC and noticed that the popup menu when you click on the notification icon pops up on the wrong screen if you have dual monitors and have moved the taskbar from the primary screen.

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There is no migration of settings - the suggestion to upgrade is to make sure that you are on a version of Link that doesn't conflict with iCUE. If you don't have any devices that are only supported in Link, you can uninstall Link.

You can do a manual migration of fan curves, however. See [ame]

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