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USB re-connect issues


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I have noticed that is iCUE software is running I have sporadic USB disconnect / reconnect events (sound notice) for 2 of Corsair devices, namely ST100 sound stand and MM880 mouse RGB. Which is really annoying. Just in few minutes it happened 3 times (logs attached).


Reinstalling iCUE is not helping. Changing USB port for the devices on MB back is not helping. Any advice?




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I am getting this issue as well. Ever since I updated Link to iCUE.


So far I have narrowed it down to:


Device Manager - Human Interface Devices - HID-compliant consumer control device



Random disconnect for keyboard mouse and joystick whilst i am usually gaming.

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I also get the same issue.


To provide a little more information this is my system


AMD ryzen 2700

Asus Crosshair VII motherboard

Corsair Commander

Corsair Light Node

Corsair ST100

Corsair H115i - on gpu

Corsair H150 on CPU

Corsair K95 Platinum

Corsair RGB Mousepad

Logitech 900 mouse


Basically the symptom is:

USB disconnection noise, followed by sound device changing, mouse disconnecting, typically 5 second delay, usb reconnecting. Its annoying in gaming, and more so during my business video calls.


When I investigate this, the disconnect is normally also associated with the corsairsevice crashing, and the icue software will alter the pump speeds on my Corsair AIO cooler. I then have to go into the icue software and manually restart it, this then allows me to alter the pump speed. That said 95% of the time one or more corsair device fail to be detected after restarting the corsairservice.



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