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LED SP120 RGB light problem (Fan ok)


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First sorry for my poor agressive translation :S

I hope i'll be As clear as possible

I'd purchased the crystal series 460X case containing three SP120 RGB fans whose LEDs have been running for 4 good months without any worries.


Since I made this acquisition, only 2 fans are powered by the 3pins (Only 2 turn, and the other 3 are lighting by the connected base hub)

Only one day, I made the ..stupidity .. to disconnect a 3 Pin (while the PC was running) to connect to another fan (to turn the 3rd which was strategically better placed for cooling).

And at this moment, the LEDs are Off .. Since only the first fan (at the top) is lit and only in blue ... the button speed seems to be functional (for the flashing speed) but the mod or color, is no longer effective ...



How to check if this is an LED failure or is it related to the 3rd PIN missing?


Thank you in advance for your answer





I made different connections at the LED HUB:


(Input) - Fan


(1) ---- * fan 1 / upper (Lit blue and works very badly)

* 2 fan / medium (Works perfectly)

* 3 / low fan (Works perfectly)


(2) ---- No light for the 3


(3) ---- No light for the 3


(4) ---- No light for the 3


(5) ---- No light for the 3


(6) ---- No light for the 3


Thank you in advance

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  • Corsair Employees

Try testing one fan at a time on your HUB and see how they behave. Make sure to connect them on port 1 of your RGB Fan HUB.


You may have a bad fan, a bad HUB, or a bad controller. Either way you'll most likely need to get it replaced. If so, submit a ticket at https://support.corsair.com and our support team should be able to help.

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