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Corsair Glaive lights turning off after a couple of seconds


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I got a Corsair Glaive, a Scimitar, a K70 RGB mk.2, a H100i pro RGB and 3 LL120 RGB.

I am using the ICUE software.

Now when i start my pc, the lightning profile for all my Corsair deviceses are loading correctly.

After 5 seconds, all the lights of my Glaive are turning off exept the dpi lights.

When i change the color of the logo, then all the light are turning on again.

I already reinstalled ICUE software, plugged the mice in again, tried without the Scimitar,...

Everytime is start my pc, the lights of my Glaive are turning off after 5 seconds.


Have anyone already heard of this problem that can help me with this?



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