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WHY do you do this corsair ?


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So i have severe problems with the new iCue and it's corsairservice.

Corsairservice does nothing but crash and ruin my windows reliabilty index...



I also don't want that monitoring dashboard at all.


Thus i uninstalled it , cleaned all leftovers and …


TRIED to reinstall the older Cue software again.


BIG was my surprise that i found icue installed again AND TRUST ME,


i used the older cue 3.2.87 install file. Which Always installed the old before.


But now it just installed the new iCue instead.


I have to say this is some serious BOLLOCKS. So WHY DO YOU DO THAT EY ???


Are you going the same way as all the rest of the techmafia ??? that is building **** to harras customers cause you think to know best ???


****ing joke that is.

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