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Corsair Carbide Spec 06 Troubles


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Let me start by saying I own multiple Corsair products and are never dissatisfied by their products. However last night I made a fully new build as shown on my profile. Finished it and nothing would turn on at all. I then spent another 5 hours unassembling an old build and testing each part individually in the new build other than the cpu to see if any shortage was causing my issue. Still no dice. Oddly enough snapping in the face plate caused power to start for a second and die. I thought the button itself was the issue and low and behold plugging in the cables of another desktop into the motherboard everything roared to life fully functional and downloaded OS perfectly.


I guess what I'm asking on here is does anyone A) know how to fix this issue well, seems like a power module (for lack of knowing the proper name) connection issue in the faceplate B) where I could buy another one to replace it if it's fully faulty C) should I approach customer support for a replacement since this was a brand new case and I treated every part with absolute respect so it appears it was broken from out of the box.


Let me add I love the case, it is gorgeous and everything I would ever want but the 11 hours I spent trouble shooting and taking apart and reassembling my old pc for a single power button failure has left a really sour taste in my mouth.

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No problem, I'm happy to help where I can. I hope we can get that resolved quickly for you.


I'm glad you like the rest of the case though. Since it is an issue with the front power IO you might be able to run the case without the front panel or a couple of the snaps loose.


That might solve the problem temporarily while you go through the support process.

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