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Corsair One Restarts shortly after first boot of the day


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So, for a few months i was plagued with the Corsair One locking up and restarting shortly after booting up or waking up from sleep mode. I'd usually launch a game and within 30 seconds it would freeze, restart, and then no issues after that for the rest of the time spent at the pc. A google search led me here, where many people were experiencing these issues.


It's the Nvidia Drivers!!!


I reverted back to 388.71 (released late 2017, probably around the time my corsair was made), and all is good, no more issues.


NOTE: I use DDU to uninstall the drivers Completely ... using this process:


Download your new drivers that you plan on installing directly to your desktop as an .exe file from the nvidia website.


download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)


Run windows in safe mode (hold shift as you click "restart")



once you boot up, uninstall your nvidia drivers using DDU, it'll restart automatically.


once it does, go back to safe mode again


delete the drivers again using DDU (just in case you know?)


it'll restart, restart again on your own into safe mode


while in safe mode, install your new Nvidia drivers.




Optional: Download Nvidia Experience to get the instant replay recording features again in your games.

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