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Radiator fan control


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I apologize in advance for this noob question.


I have a new PC with H110i. If I'm reading it correctly, Corsair Link's default configuration has the radiator fans responding to pump temperature.


Should I change that? I've noticed that the pump temperature never reaches 40C even when the CPU is at 75C after an hour of Prime95.


Should the radiator fans respond to CPU temperature instead?



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Hi buddy



No. leave pump on coolant temp dude,, this will insure correct operation regardless of software



Controlling via cpu is ok for heatsink coolers where the fans have direct impact on temps... it's not so with liquid cooling.. you need to control liquid temps in order to control cpu temps. If you set it to cpu, because you temps can be iratic it can make your fans ramp up and down often... like very very often..

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