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Is my psu corrupt and killing my components?


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Hi, I apologize but i'm going to give a bit of a long explanation.


I have an rm650x which apparently works fine but occasionaly has some problems.

Two summers ago i purchased this psu for a system i already had for a couple years.

I assembled everything, turned the power switch on and the lights in the house went out with an audible *pop!* from the psu.

Took everything apart, remounted everything (albeit there was nothing out of place) power switch on and the lights went out again.

So i started troubleshooting one cable at a time and it turns out i had a faulty molex cable (or molex connection on the psu)

Sent the unit back to the seller, he confirms there's a faulty molex cable, and ships it back with a new cable.

I assemble everything and this time i don't get any shorts but the front bay fan controller was flickering like crazy. It was a 30€ expense so i just got a new one (but the "defective" one when mounted with another psu didn't actually have any problems...)

So everything seemed to work fine but i've had several problems in certain occasions that make me wonder, here are the things that happened:


- I had to rma the new gpu 2\3 months after purchase because it was having power delivery problems (wouldn't resume after sleep i.e)

- I bought a kraken cooler (so rgb, little more demanding on power than my evo 212 i had before) and after assemblement it wouldn't recognize my ssd.

- 6 months in my new gpu is starting to have some hiccups (a lot of screen flashing when resuming power)

- corsair k65 keyboard burnt a rail of leds 1month after purchase, rma, writing from the new one now which alreeady has two keys darker than the others


And finally yesterday i connected an external hd the moment i powered it on the mouse started flickering and turnng on and off.


This has happened with 2 different systems, cases, mobos, processors, rams. The only component i didn't change when renewed my pc last year was the psu which carried over these little problems from one system to the other.


I bought a psu tester, but if the system isn't under load all the values are in the norm. If i run stress tests for a long time results seems to output an unstable system.


What do you think, did the first short with puff of smoke burn out something and damaged it permanently? Any idea on what i could try to verify that power delivery under load is regular?

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Hi rudjgaard, super interesting what's happening as the affected items are spread across the spectrum. Can you see if you get the same issues if you move to a different wall outlet and try a different power cord for the unit, just in case it's power delivery?


Otherwise, it sounds like most things have been swapped but you continue to have power issues, which could just be the power supply itself causing. In which case, put in a ticket with support so they can help you out.



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Thanks for your reply. I will try switching power outlet.

I think the first short due to the faulty molex cable did some damage.

The pop it made was typical of a resistor blowing up, probably there's some instabilty under load.

I was wondering if it's possible to verify this, a reliable way of reading current while being used?

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