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Corsair Commander Pro + 3x120ML RGB & 3x140ML RGB --> FAN buzzing noise???


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I installed my new PC with 3x120ML RGB & 3x140ML RGB fans and was happily driving these through my motherboard, no issues, noise,...


I just wanted more control over my fan curves and rgb lighting into a single tool, so I ordered tha Corsair Commander Pro for ultimate control...!


So I installed the 3x120ML RGB & 3x140ML RGB on all 6 ports of the Commander Pro (No splitters used!) and the fan on PORT 1 exhibited a strange buzzing sound?


I checked the settings and all fans were on 4-pins mode, so no issues there?


I also forced a FW update (same version) on the Commander Pro which seems to have helped a bit, but the noise is still there at lower rpms...


Then I switched back to put all fans back on the motherboard, and now all is silky smooth again and no strange noise emission from the fans whatsoever???


So my Commander Pro is faulty? Is this a know issue?

Please help...

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