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iCue only detects RAM, not fans


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I recently built a new pc and installed the rgb ram and 4 rgb fans. As the title says, the ram shows up on iCUE, but fans do not. The fans are plugged into the provided hug in sequential order. The hub is connected into the provided node pro and into the mobo. I've changed ports on the nopro just to see if that would change anything and still no detection. All the fans light up and run fine, just no detection in iCUE. I've provided screenshots and logs. I'm just hoping it's something stupid I'm overlooking.




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well ... the USBDeView screen shot doesn't show us the VID and PID ... so it's pretty much useless for troubleshooting.


Do you have any unrecognized devices in Device Manager? Have you checked that the USB is plugged in correctly (I've had them off a notch before).

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