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Compatibility 3200/3200XL


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I have used a 1GB TwinX Matched Memory Pair CMX512-3200 on my ABIT KD7 mobo without any appearent problems. Installing another pair however, this time

CMX512-3200XL I have run into problems. First the computer did not find all memory, I got all different figures on how much memory was installed. On advice I raised a voltage from 2.55 to 2,75V and that got me my 2048MB. However I now get all kinds of problems with blue screens and Photoshop hanging repeatedly in different places, impossible to shut down. Can there be a problem with 3200 together with the 3200XL?

Grateful for any suggestions.

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Yes, they use different memory integrated controllers and as such will not work together well, if at all.


Thank you, I am now using only the old pair and it seems to work as before.

Is there any advantage in switching to the new XL pair instead?

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