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RGB Hub 7 Fans with Y-Cable


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So i've got 7 Corsair LL (5x120, 2x140) and want to wire them all up together using a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro.

Ive read in a thead i can use a Y-Cable for the fan/pwm control (and ik im not able to address a single one), but is that also possible for the RGB input in the Hub?

Obviously i'd need a RGB 4pin splitter, but they do exist, so i dont see a problem here. wouldn't wanna buy another Hub just for a single fan.

Though that would be better if i'd decide later on to use RGB Strips for extension, right? Or wait, i could also just plug the RGB Strips into the Commander where the first slot is occupied by RGB Hub


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You should not use a splitter for LL fans.


7 LL fans will, at full power, draw more than 4.5A of power. (Source: Me & My Multimeter) The SATA connection is limited to 4.5A. So ... really ... don't do it.


I would suggest splitting the fans logically in groups - such as a 4/3 groups. I have 8 LL fans split into two groups of 4 (4 intake/4 exhaust).


Also, I've seen fan hub splitters (synchronizes two fan hubs) but not splitters for the lighting RGB. Where did you see that?

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So with "i cant connect 7 fans", you mean PWM power = the Commander Pro right?

Because im not spending 65 bucks on "logical groups". Having logical groups in 2 RGB hubs would make more sense and less damage to my wallet,

but in that case it would be probably better to just connect one PWM to my Motherboard. (which would be sad, because then i wont be able to control everything in one place)


This one would be a RGB Splitter for example. Would that work?

Edit: This would be a 3Pin-RGB-Splitter

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A) That splitter won't work. At all. Different connector.


B) If you blow out your Fan Hub or overload the connector because you go over the specified SATA power limit ... would that be more or less damage? Now, you can make your own (my signature has a post with all the part numbers) but you are running the risk of overloading your fan hub and/or melting the connector. And that's not covered under warranty. DO NOT put yourself into a situation where you can over the designed power limit. It's not good.


C) You don't need a CoPro. You'd need another fan hub as comes in the multipacks or can be purchased separately on Corsair.com. If you get another multipack, you'll have 2 LNPs and 2 Fan Hubs ... so you can just get the strip expansion packs.

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Ok thanks.


And i will be able to control both via iCue because they connect via usb 2.0 right?


I'm starting to think to just sell one of the fans as its not really neccessary anyway :D

That would make things a lot easier. That way i can have all RGB & PWM control together,

with only LNP i still need PWM access which i havent got enough on my Mobo...


I think i will do that, but thanks a lot!

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