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kvm switch with corsair brand

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i have even tho i had a kvm switch before but with a gaming that is not corsair but when i have used the kvm switch for the gaming keyboard would not work


so as i looked the the game keyboard the cord was thicker than standard keyboard and i figured it would not work cause of more current is needed which will work on direct to the pc but the kvm was not design for that amount of current and i figured with that guess if im correct


so im suggesting that Corsair make one of their own that will work on all of their keyboard and maybe with wifi ones as well that way we can have one keyboard for multiple devices as well the mouse

and i dont mind keeping the monitor separate for eash device


so this would be a big help for us to use one keyboard and mouse and not have like 3 or 4 different peripherals and keep our desk clutter free and hope Corsair would do this and i thank in advance if you do please so


thank from Rix

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