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Commander Pro RGB strips not working!


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So a couple months ago I got my Obsidian 500D RGB SE all setup. Ive got 6 LL rgb fans connected to it and haven't had any issues with them after getting it all setup.

I finally got around to picking up the 4 strip expansion and connected them today. I daisy chained 3 strips together, connected them into the lighting 2 port on the CoPro. I went into the iCue software, enabled port 2, set it to RGB strips and 3 strips.... Nothing..


I made sure the firmware and software were up to date. Ive done multiple resets now, trying everything from 1 strip to 3 strips, swapping strips and connectors just to rule out a possible defective strip or wire, but it just seems like the 2nd port simply isn't sending any juice to the strips.


This whole setup is relatively new. Fans and their rgb leds have been working great. Any ideas? I highly doubt that all 4 of these strips are bunk, so all i can think of is that the 2nd port isn't working... Wish I had a volt meter to test:[pouts:

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It could be that the 2nd port isn't working. It does happen.

Try putting the strips on the first port. Do they work there? In most cases, you'll still be able to configure the fans on the 2nd port as they don't actually draw power from the lighting channel.


And, of course, RMA is always an option.

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Hi buddy :)...


assuming you have tried them in LED Channel 1 and indeed made sure you have selected the individual LED's in iCUE..





it points at LED channel 2 being Faulty... get that ticket started ;)



Always worth reading the below FAQ thread.. will explain how it all works etc :)



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