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Ok so I installed this POS software. You cannot control fans on H115i They started going haywire. Also it misses some RGB leds on Fans. Upon uninstalling and going back to Link software I have now lost drivers for H115i and its not showing up on Corsair Link. So now i'm stuck with a noisy cooler and can't fix it.


I'm pretty pissed off. :mad::mad::mad::mad:


Warning to other do not install iCUE....

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People don't post on the forums when they DON'T have issues, only when they do.


I have iCUE running on 7 different systems in my home with no major issues on any of them and a wide variety of hardware.


It's like watching the evening news - if that's all you saw, you'd think that the US was a war zone with bullets flying everywhere in the streets, houses on fire and car wrecks every 2 miles.

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