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[Macro] Queue or Copy/paste


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I would like to find a way to whether execute an macro after another one or copy one macro and past it at the end of another one.

I'm using iCUE v 3.9.93 on a windows 10 computeur


By spliting my macro into "module" it makes it easier to modify.

At the moment I tried :

-2nd action (Execute both macro at the same time)

-2nd macros + delay at the top of the 2nd macro : Delay both macros...

-2nd macro + execute first macro uninterrupted : 2nd macro is never executed

-copy/paste between macro : doesn't work


I'm looking for something like this (found it in an old post of the forum, probably an old version of CUE) :



Thank you for your help !

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I can appreciate where you are coming from. that screencap is from Cue1x which I never had the luxury of using, but some praised certain aspects, and at the same time it had limitations. Like anything in life :sigh!:


You want to be able to have action 1 happen and then action 2 right?


Try this approach in the latest icue?



with partdeux macro just being a keypress of g

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