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Corsair LL Fans. How To Change Each LED To What You Want?


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Hello all, I'm New Here, And New to this software, Is there anyway you can change each led On the Corsair LL fans, Inside Ring And Outside Ring to what colors you want? I'm running 3 LL fans In the front of my case, And i wanna make a Hot Pink And Baby Blue profile, But cant seem to get it to work right, Been trying for like 2 hours, I Don't know if i'm just missing something or you just cant do it!? If anyone knows how if you could walk me through it, Or If you can make a sweet profile and just send it to me, i would REALLY appreciate it big time!
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You can create as many lighting layers as you want and stack them up. Then in the LED section where you see the colors changing you can select the individual LEDs you want to be controlled by each layer.


If you hold the CTRL key you can individually activate them.


For instance I think you could layer two static color (pink, blue) and select the even LEDs for the pink layer and the odd LEDs for the blue layer.


1) Wipe out all your layers, so we are in the same page.


2) Add a new layer by clicking + then set it to "static" or whatever you want.


3) Select the LEDs to be active by that layer.


3) Set the color to blue.


4) Use the "Copy Effect" icon to duplicate it, change name to Pink (or whatever)


5) Select every other LED in that new one, and change color to Pink.




Now, with that in mind you can create a whole array of things by using different effects.

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No ... it works across all the fans. I have 13 in one system and do this frequently.


A couple of things:

1) can you confirm that the fans are installed in fan hub ports 1, 2, 3 - no skipping.

2) If #1, can you rearrange the fans on the hub? Still keep in them in 1,2,3 but switch the order around.

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Calling the software trash might be a stretch, but I can understand how it can be frustrating when trying to figure something out as simple as changing an LED color.


Try what DevBiker suggested. See if you have the fans connected to port 1,2, and 3 in your hub. You might want to double check as well if you have select the LL fan on the drop down option and not something else like an HD or ML rgb fan

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