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CORSAIR CWC100-1000 question


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I'm just about to build myself a new Athlon 64 +4000 rig. Would you guys tell me please if this is a suitable cooling solution ? Do I actually need to buy an additional bracket for socket 939 ? Is there a North Bridge extension to compensate for the lousy implementation of the nforce4 North Bridge aircooler ?



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kit fits Intel 478 AMD 754, 939 sockets

for NB WB get any 3/8" hose barb connectors same with Video for COOL uses all 3/8" tubing. just burp (remove air) the system well b4 using CPU.


Thanx for the answer. Apart from fitting or not fitting socket 939, my main concern was whether or not this was a decent cooling solution, I wasn't able to dig any reviews so I thought I'd ask you whether you would use this in your own system.... or in the system I am about to build ...

I don't remember whether or not my country shows up on posting, just to mention it I am living in Romania, "hose barb connectors" ??? :eek: I don't even know where I would start looking for those :laughing:

Is Corsair providing any "out-of-the-box" accesories for anything other than cpu ?

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I am running this system with an Athlon 64 FX-55. MSI Neo2 Platinum MB. Bios 1.4 idle temps 39C, and gaming load temps about 43C.



OK, thanx very much for the answer, I guess it's a good way to go....

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