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Can I produce a static color firmware with all the LED colors fixed randomly one by one with the keycap turned on?

Ex) Typing light key Random color or rain color

You can see the stop version of the random color in extended function mode of other brand keyboards. Is it possible in Corsair too?

if so Corsair LEDs will be more gorgeous.

I'm sorry I did not speak English well.

I have two K70's but I'm sad because I do not know how to do it properly.

I need your help here.

I'll see you again. Bye

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I actually have a question involving the Lighting Ripple Effect. I have a Lenovo Legion y730 17" laptop. When I first got the laptop (about a month ago), a lighting ripple that was key sensitive was one of the default defacto keyboard lighting effects and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. After downloading iCUE though it removed the effect and I don't have an option to create a custom key sensitive lighting ripple effect. I can make a generic always looping ripple but that's it. I've used iCUE in the past for my older laptop and know my way around iCUE pretty well. However, in this version I have no key sensitive lighting ripple effect and no way, I've found, to create one. So long story short, does iCUE not support it for my specific RGB keyboard even though it's capable of it? or am I just missing something obvious? haha. Anyways it's not a huge issue. It's just been at the back of my mind for the mast month because I know for a fact my keyboard USED to have this feature and with iCUE it has since been removed. Ive been scouring the internet for a while and haven't found anything helpful. Any info on this would seriously make my day :)



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