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Icue switch automatically


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i've a got a profile for my w10. when my computer start. no exe associated

I've got an other one for Deezer, i've associated deezer.exe inside icue, but some few second after i launch Deezer icue switch profile one second and return to Deezer profile why ?


on my other profiles no issue like this ...

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Regardless of name, the top profile on the list is your "default profile" and typically it will return to this when Windows/desktop is in focus. Deezer is a music program? I am guessing that means it doesn't stay in focus and you go back to doing other things. Probably the best solution is not to link it to the .exe and do the following:


1) If you have a Corsair keyboard with a profile switch built in, just a tap will make one or the other the active profile. Take the auto switching out of play.


2) If you don't have the profile switch, you can still assign it to another never-used key like Pause Break or F12, etc. Go into iCUE and to the keyboard. Open the actions tab. Click the + to add a new action, then use the drop down menu in the center to change it profile switching. Add your two profile to the "rotation list" and then click the "Assign action all profiles in rotation list" button (Assign). Now you can flip back and forth between the two. This is not limited to just two profiles and you can add more if needed.


Auto linking can be helpful for some full screen apps, but it is a bit of nuisance for multi-program desktop work.

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