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Unable to make shop account


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For the last 3 days I have been trying to make an account on the main site only to get the following error:


[center]An error has occurred. Please contact customer service with the following error codes:


I then proceeded to do some searching and apparently the login for the forum should be the same as the main site. Probably to do with the vBulletin bridge.

After finishing the forum account creation process I then tried to log in but to no avail. It simply states that I cannot log in since the username and password combo is incorrect. Trying a password retrieval also resulted in no positive result since then it states that the emailaddress or username is unknown. Trying to make a new account with my current username states the username has already been taken, which it didnt before. Changing it to a slightly different one again yields the aforementioned error.


I'm running out of things to try here.


Any assistance on this matter<


Thanks in advance

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