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Icue doesnt work


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Yesterday i bought the Corsair K70 rapidfire ,i installed Icue app and it worked just fine .Today i decided to buy the Corsair Glaive RGB mouse and as

i plugged it on pc and start Icue the application stopped to respond as my pc too .I couldnt press any button and i had to restarted it .After i reload Icue

the same issue happened again and the entire pc stucked .If i don't load Icue the keyboard and the mouse work properly but of course without the dynamic

effects.The only case the application works fine is if i unplug the mouse and leave only the keyboard on .If i connect the mouse too the icue application stucks again.Also now i see a notification in Icue that says ''Warning failed to locate Clink Service''.


Can anyone help me out?

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